Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Dealing with people who try to dim your glow. (A letter to my children.)

It’s sad but true; there are people in the world who will try to bury your light, on purpose.  It’s insane really that we’ve given them any power, but lately, it seems, they have so much.  We’ve made them into nightmarish creatures with no weaknesses, bent on tearing us down.  And it seems that no one can stop them.
The truth is:  these people are few and far between.  They are not powerful; they are weak, scared, and small.  They are sad, frustrated people.  Somewhere along the way, they have learned that they are not lovable or even that they are broken.  In order to keep from hurting more, they try to control, to lash out, to bring others down. They simply don’t know that they are loved, too.  That is their issue, not yours, because you cannot spend your precious life trying to convince another of their worth.  There is a path and purpose, a natural process in the soul for that. Their own lives will bring opportunities for change and healing.  You do not have to manage that.  It’s not yours to do.

Your job, child, is to be the brightest, most magnificent you that you can be.  Forgiving yourself regularly for the missteps you will inevitably make.  Never allow another to convince you that any mistake is greater than the love in you.  When your life brings you an opportunity to heal, grab onto it with your whole heart. 
Pluck the weeds in the garden of your life often.  They will choke your spirit, if you allow it.  Yes, there will be times when you will have to deal with negative people. That’s fine, you have the power and strength within you.  However, you NEVER have to allow them authority over your mind.  Let Love be the authority in you.
Our souls are naturally joy-filled.  Never allow another’s insistence of guilt, shame, or doom make you believe that you are anything less than Forgiven, Loved, Lovable, and Worthy.  The soul is powerful, love is powerful.  Fear, guilt, and shame only seem so, do not be fooled.  You were created worthy, let no person convince you otherwise.

Remember:  Love Understands.  Fear Condemns.

I’m sad that some people are so miserable, too.  But I’ve learned that I’m not responsible for that, and I should never feel guilty for the hard work I’ve allowed in my own being which has allowed for healing and which makes the joy in me overflow.  I’ve spent many years dimming my glow because I felt bad that I felt happy while some are miserable no matter what is happening.  Gratefully, I realized how insane that idea is.  By dimming my joy, I only added to the world’s fear, by allowing my light to shine, I stand as a reminder that Love Rules! 
Live your own life and let God handle the rest.  Dance a happy dance.  Never stop giggling; the universe is wondrous and quite, quite funny.  It is insane to hide your joy, to be less than you were created to be, especially because a miserable person insists that you do.  It doesn’t make them happier!  And it causes you to miss opportunities to remind another Light of the joy in their soul.  
Settle for nothing less than open joy.  I believe in you.    

Love Always, mom.